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Hello my name is Leealary, and I am so glad you stopped by.

I’ve been an Interior Designer for 41 years. I love helping people create a beautiful sanctuary in their
homes bringing out the character of the home, in a way that shows the personality and essence of the people and the environment they live in. Using elements such as paint, lighting, space planning, accessories, and window coverings to enhance the features of the room. The difference between an interior designer and a decorator is a decorator needs no formal training, or certification to start a decorating business on the other hand, am interior designer goes to school for 3 to 4 years and is certified with a degree.

Designers use Colour Trends, Window Coverings, Accessories, Flooring and pulls it all together. My goal is to help you do this yourself by giving you ideas, reasons why and helping you pull your design together. This website is an educational platform in the do’s and don’ts of Interior Decorating. So come on board and let”s have fun.



I am a Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 9. I now live in Calgary Alberta. I have always loved transforming homes through creative decorating. When I was 12 I would go into my friends homes and ask their Moms if I could rearrange their countertops or their living-rooms. They always said yes and always got rave reviews from them. By the time I was 16 I knew that Interior Design was what I wanted to do. In 1976 I took a 3 year interior design course and graduated certified in 1979. I started in the design business in Ontario in 1979. My first project was a club called the Junior Ranks Club in Kingston Ontario and pulled Tall Pines Interiors run by Bill Stevenson in to help me with the project it was a big job the dance hall, the dry bar, the games room and 4 offices had to all be renovated and decorated. My business name was Distinctive Decors. I later branched out and designed holiday themes for Country Club Shopping Mall in Nanaimo BC. I worked as the Senior Interior Designer for Norwalk Furniture, Kelowna British Columbia in 1994.  I retired in 2015, however my passion is still to help people bring out the beauty in their homes and decided to open up a Do it yourself decorating platform to help people understand how to decorate, the science behind it and that decorating is all about YOU, your desires, your needs and passions. So here we are.

I believe 2020 is the year to bring color back into our lives. That mustard coloured chair or that candy apple red vase, or gold damask draperies. We’ve used white for the past couple of years, more than enough, though white is crisp and clean and can be the blank canvas for colour, I believe the browns, reds and golds are coming back, or what about cobalt blue my favourite. That hint of the Victorian era. Or maybe an Art Deco theme, red, white and black. Whatever you create it is your blank canvas that you start with and it will allow you to incorporate your ideas, your theme into your home and create a space fit for a Queen.



Decorating is a personal choice, a desire for change, update, renew and beautify. I have seen old, tired homes come to life and the satisfaction one has when they enjoy the new room freshly painted, and a pop of color to spruce up a tired outdated spot, new window coverings to adorn the windows, new floors that create sophistication, new kitchen cupboards and new paintings on the walls that add inspiration and accessories that bring a delightful interest. I’ve heard gasps of amazement and words like “is this our home? I never thought it could be so beautiful.”” Change is good and sometimes we all need change. Decorating brings in elements that take a home to a higher level and embraces it’s character. That is why I have decided to help you, the home owner, through my website.



My goal is to give you the education and even ideas if needed, to do it yourself. Help you plan your spaces, purchase your furniture wisely, hang your pictures in that perfect spot, and help you choose your colours to tie everything together to create your beautiful home. Give you the pleasure of seeing it all unfold before your eyes and at your hands and the pride it will give you when you stand back and say “I did this”.

If you wish to infuse new life into your home and furnishing that give you timeless appeal, let DYI Decorating Designs help you achieve this, feel free to read my blogs or email me at the email address above or even call me if you need answers right away. Please take the time to read my blogs and view my portfolio, I know it will spark the Decorator in you.

All the best, and thank you for reading my introduction page

Happy decorating,
Leealarey, Interior Designer

Decorating Yourself Interiors, Decorating Designs
email: distinctivedesigns20.com
phone: 403-369-6993

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8 Replies to “About Decorating with Leealary”

  1. Hi,
    Your site is so empowering , and thank you !
    in these times of isolation, I am not sure of what and how to utilize my time with my house,
    question, what can I do with old arberite counters, that have spots of fading , I would love to chg but no funds for that ?

    1. Thank you Jay for your awesome comment it is a pleasure to help others, with something I am so passionate about. I really appreciate for feedback. Thank you again for coming to my site. Take care, be safe. Happy decorating. Leealary

    2. As far as your arborite counter goes Jay. There is an Epoxy product kit you can buy. This product is called Stone Coat. Home Depot sells it, it cost around $200.00 for the kit, but well worth it if you consider the alternative to replacing the countertop. This product is revelutionary and there is so many great designs. The one I really like is called dirty pour. It gives you the look of melted stone all mixed together, it’s very beautiful when finished and it is very durable. I can send you pictures of what the finished product looks like. Happy decorating Leealary

    1. Great Jay I will send some pictures to you I have 3 different looks for you. I know you’ll love. Just email me at the address on my site and leave me your email address then I will forward the pictures.

    1. Thank you for looking at my decorating blogs Ulysses and for commenting. You did an excellent job putting a new roof on my home. If you need any help or you have any questions about your decorating needs, I am always here.

  2. Very Good laying out of you and your passionate interest in decorating. I feel like I know you a bit after this reading. That is the necessary ingredient so I know you will do well with your interest in people and helping them create their comfort space on the canvas with a little help from an experienced mentor. Thank you being and sharing you with us. Chris.

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