Timeless Designs, What’s Trending in 2020? Part 1

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Have you been wondering about what is new as far as colour is concerned? What timess designs are trending in 2020? This blog will enlighten you by answering those questions.

        What is your style? What is your dream? I want to continue talking about different themes you can use to bring your home alive. Bringing out the character of your home that gives you joy. When you come home from a long day at work, do you come in your home and feel safe, complete, and content? Also, I want to talk about colour, and different wall coverings and where to use it.

         First let’s talk about colour. In the previous blog Utilizing Colour we put together a few scenarios. So I want to talk about colour palettes in the theme of your design, your preference and style. Everyone has a taste of what they like a dream of what they long for. First let’s talk the Colonial theme. What is a Colonial style room? Basically it is early American. Grand entrances, high ceilings, rough wood, benches. It would have Georgian elements to the room but often incorporating a bit of the Puritan crafted custom peices.Homes sparsley furnished with handmade peices.  Homes were badically constructed of rough logs ftom trees they cut down.  Settlers were more worried about a roof over their heads then decorative elements in the home. By the late 1700s, the only interior décor features introduced were trims and mouldings fashioned after classical architectural forms that were considered  as the first forms of interior decorating enhancements. 

                                                            17th Century  Early Americañ bench very simple design

                                                                                      Early 1700’s Puritan Bench

                                                                     Early 17th Century secretary and side table

Colonial Style kitchen with a modern twist above. The back splash is very geometric so adds that modern element to the kitchen as well as the stainless steel appliances. The Island and cabinets has a colonial touch to it. Pendent lighting in brass adds charm to the kitchen staying in that colonial theme. The white and light grey colour palette gives this room a clean crisp look which is very Colonial.


This master suite is very Colonial with the high ceilings, damask bedding, high arch architectural windows dressed in gold satin drapes, arched patio doors that follow the line of the windows and dressed in the same gold satin ceiling to floor length drapes, giving height to the walls, and that cabinet is to die for, with colonial crown molding finishing the top and the carved detailed cabinet doors adds a beautiful unique edge to the room. The wrought iron bed is another feature that adds that colonial element to the room as well as the corner fireplace in the background. Take a look at both the tray ceiling and the octagon cut out feature of the ceiling. Both these style cut-outs, add that colonial element to the room. In the 1600’s Early American Furniture was bare basics,  mainly chairs, beds, chests, and tables. There was nothing fancy about it. Puritans believed in living modestly.

Trending For 2020

Ok So let’s get on with what’s trending for 2020, because your theme or style is going to probably be based on that.

Rustic/natural and environmentally/earth friendly, eco-friendly. Reclaimed and re purposed, recycled, or rattan, bamboo and salvaged furniture. So do you get the idea that everything natural is in for 2020? BINGO!

We are all concerned about the environment these days, so why not use what you have or find in antique stores, second hand stores or yard sales. Re purposing them to fit into your design. I love this dresser. So I took an old upholstered bench and re purposed it, I needed a small coffee table and could not find the right size in the furniture store so I decided to reuse this bench to make a table. I bought some rustic wood peices that were in the end peices bin at 2.00 a peice, cut them to the right length I needed, screwed them to the frame, painted the frame a dark colour to match the colour palette in my room, added two end peices to the top and viola, a new re-purposed table. Pictured below

I love this wicker chair, found it at a garage sale. It was in my master bedroom until my daughter came one day and decided she needed it for her apartment.


           Louise XV armchair at Wayfair

 This Louise the XV chair, or similar could be found at an antique store. If you look hard enough afain reusing what already exsist. To help eleminate the carbon footprint.

This was a re-purposed dresser an oak top was add, then painting it a silver grey and adding new hardware and it looks brand new. I have an antique dresser I use in the kitchento house dishes. I like pulling out a drawer to get at the dishes and bowls. I want to use. I found it once again at a garage sale for 20.00. I have been contemplating whether or not to refinish it and paint it or leave it. I love antique furniture in it’s original state, so it is hard for me to want to change it at all. So if I do I will blog it for sure. Everything you see in this picture is reused. The pictures hanging on the wall, the leather decanters, the antique lamp I bought at the thrift shop, I bought a new shade for it at the lighting store, even the wallpaper was going to be thrown out by my daughter, who first asked me if I wanted it. Of course I wanted it. It added character and brightened up this corner beautifully. The little elephant head, not sure what that was, but I liked it and it added a bit of brass element to the look. The jade grapes were a gift and the runner, well I did buy that on sale.

So using what is available instead of buying something new not only helps the enviroment but gives character to your design.

Trending Colours for 2020

Behr has come up with the colours for this year and don’t they look good. I will list them here with samples of each colour. I did talk about colours in great detail on my blog 


                                                                                   Graphic Charcoal N500-6.                                                                          


                                                                                     Red Pepper  PPU2-2. 



                                                                                        Bubble Shell S160-3

                                                                                       Dragonfly PPU12-03.


                                                                                   Creamy mushroom PPU5-13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Back to Nature S340-4 colour of the year


                                                                                   Charasmatic PPU6-14 

                                                                                          Secret Meadow S360-6.

                                                                                                Battleship Grey N360-4.

                                                                                                Dusty Lilac N110-1.

These awe-inspiring colours from Behr will definately spruce up any room in your home and fill you with a sense of beauty and emotional excitement once you’re finished and have your design elements finished. Don’t forget layering. (We’ll talk about layering next blog) You don’t always have to use one colour in a room you can also incorporate wallpaper into your plan with the paint colour you are using.You can also use two complimenting paint colours.

Be inpired by these photos of different themes, here are so many ideas to wet your appitite for decorating.

                                                                                              Middle Eastern 

The Middle Eastern style is about wealth and luxury, but also about simplicity and comfort. My decorating style blends the traditional Middle Eastern style with contemporary elegance.


                                                                                                    Rustic Country

describe as a rough, aged, natural design. Plain straight legs, natural wood, X legs,natural wood on walls, maybe even a wagon wheel light fixture. Leather chairs and sofa, studded embellishes. This may just be what you’ve  been thinking about designing.

                                                                         I love this rustic coffee table from Wayfair


Let’s talk about wallpaper. Wallpaper is awesome, hiding imperfections otherwise very difficult to hide any other way. The best way to deal with wallpaper is to have it professionally installed to get the most perfect application. Some wallpapers have the paste alread applied to it so all you have to do is wet the portion you need. However other wallpaper comes unpasted and must be pasted separately, these wallpaper applications are much more difficult to install, this is where you really need it done professionally. Wallpaper not only brings colour and character into your design, it also brings texture and demension.


Wallpaper can be more expensive than paint but there are so many reason why you may want to paper instead.

  • There are so many different designs, patterns, and surface finishes
    •  Can be considered eviromentally-friendly, because of the fact its made from natural materials and the pastes used to apply the paper contains no harmful chemicals.
    • It will  hide the defects easily, with little initial preparations.
    • If you use the peel-and-stick, it can be easily removed and replaced.
    • Some wallpapers can last 10 to15 years.
    • Some types are washable.
    • Some wallpapers are very durable and easy maintenanc
    • Thomeshe peel and stick kinds can be used for, rental homes or University dorms, because its easily installed and removed  a residue.

    Some reasons why you may not want to uee wallpaper, and painting may be your option.

    • The colours tend to be  affected by light and cast shadows.  Sunlight can fade it where its exposed.
    • Somef types of wallpaper may not last more than 5 years even though there more expensive.
    • It is more expensive than paint.
    • The edges can separate and curl where there is a lot of moisture and will have to be repasted.
    • Patterns need to be matched and needs to be aligned may need to be professionally installed. Paper is wasted.
    • It can’t be applied on raw concrete and textured walls.

      Traditional wallpaper is difficult to maintain and remove.

      The different kinds of wallpaper are:

      Vinyl Sheet – Being the most durable of the wallpapers due to the tickness of this paper and pure vinyl, it is easy to clean as well it is really easy to remove when and if you want to change it. Some of these wallpapers are embossed and adds texture and colour to the room. This is the best for hiding those very hard to hide imperfections on the wall. Great wallpaper for the kitchen area.

      Vinyl Coated Fabric – This vinyl wallpaper is actually made of fabric which is the best as it feels natural to the touch as well as has a natural texture to it which is a key element. It durable becuase of the vinyl protection covering it that’s been added as a coating over the fabric. Great for livingrooms.

      Vinyl Coated Wallpaper – This paper is as durable and washable as the above wallpapers, This is an upgraded paper from plain paper wallpaper. It’s a great alternative for high humidity rooms like bathrooms.

      The 3 Samples of Wallpaper below, trending now. These samples are from Wayfair.ca and likely available on Wayfair.com

      Ganley Antique Damask at Wayfair.ca

      For the antique theme like a Queen Anne or even an Eclectic theme this wallaperwould be perfect. Comes in 3 other colours.
      Metallic Gold/Sea Green, Metallic Silver/Charcoal Grey.

      Grasso Glitter Damask , Wallpaper in Teal this is a nonpasted wallpaper so youll have to buy the paste which usually comes in a powder, mix it together and apply it. I recommend you get a professional. This would be perfect for a masterbed room.

                                                                      Turo Tin Ceiling Destressed Wallpaper from Wayfair

      If you’re doing an antique look then this is the wallpaper to use from Wayfair.ca

      • Unpasted non woven material
      • Straight match

      Below Quantrafoil in blue comes in 2 other colours grey and black, this is a self adhesive fabric wall covering, that is easy to reposition while hanging and easy removable with no residue.

      Below, Geo Peelable Paper Prepasted Classic Wallpaper, this open trellis design ibelow is versatile for a modern contemporary theme, easy to apply from Lowes

      I hope you enjoyed What’s New In The Hue, What’s Trending in 2020, part 1 look for more on this subject part 2 coming in July.

      Happy Decorating, Leealary

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